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Just when I thought there was a shocking amount of new trailers for movies reawakening old franchises, I find out that there is a brand-spanking-new Terminator movie coming out this summer! Whaat??!! I'm nervous, guys. I was super excited about Terminator: Salvation, and I was entertained and all, but overall it was kind of anticlimactic. Then I really got into the TV series Sarah Connor Chronicles, and it got canceled too soon. You might understand why I have some Terminator trauma. But I just read an article on io9 (attached) that was pretty darn optimistic about the latest incarnation, Terminator: Genisys, due out July 2015. Before I get into this trailer - I have to get it out: WHY IS IT SPELLED GENISYS?? Does anyone know? I hate it when things are mispelled for coolness and no other reason, so hopefully there's some kind of reasonable explanation. Phew.. now that I got that rant out of the way, I can say I feel really good about this trailer. There are throwback elements, the girl playing young Sarah Connor looks really bad*ss, the actors are mostly lower profile (which is often much better for a franchise continuation - ex: Salvation fail), and ... Arnold!! My only hesitation is to way and see how they incorporate the old footage, but right now I'm glad to see that they seem to really be incorporating him as a main character and not just as a token cameo. I'm getting excited! How about you? Do you think I'll be betrayed by The Terminator once again?
O man they really went all out on this one
Right?? I think it really looks like it. I feel like they went back to their formula - and I feel good about it.