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hey girls ,,i want to know if this is me or all of u kk I feel in love with kang ma ru"song goong ki" i don‘t know why he is bad but i love him
yeah.. he looks cool right? i guess it depends on the guy, i guess... yes i do, i don't like it when it touches my skin, i get
@nylamrehs, haha you do that to your husband too? I think the only time I liked the hairy look was on Katsuyama from Bridal Mask
@yourinsomia.. that was just yoo ah in in sungkyunkwan scandal for me... i love clean shaven look for guys too...^^ even my husband don't grow his mustache and beard because i hate it...^^lol
@nylamrehs seems like a lot of girls loved yoo ah in! but I prefer younger looking guys with clean shaven look XD
@nylamrehs,,14jenny hey you right what if there is a gay here and who knows maybe he have a crush for JSK thats will be epik kkk
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