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**Spoiler Alert** This Card is about the current Cowboys-Bears game, so if you don't want to know the score, come back when you're ready and discuss! I'm practically biting my fingernails right now, and I don't even have that habit. I have to watch this Dallas game on Game Center live update, and it's making me even more crazy than usual! I'm so excited that the Cowboys are leading at the half. Anyone have any predictions about what's coming next? Assessments of their chances? Will we finally break the 8-8 curse??!!! Please let this be win #9!!! @EightyNine @Goyo @RocketHakeem @ChickenNrice @WAYNEPiper @windycitytale @lackies2000
@windycitytale I feel you. The same thing with the Niners. I watched the 2nd half of the game and it was just garbage time. Definitely could tell the Cowboys were just killing the clock. If they play like they did consistently then they will be fine in the playoffs. Their unstoppable when theyre on
Aww I'm sorry @windycitytale I tagged you without realizing you were a Bears fan. You know I'm happy we won - but as someone who was on the receiving end of a blowout last week, very publicly on Thanksgiving, I feel your pain.
GREAT. let's see what happens next. keep hope alive.
@Goyo I think the Packers Seahawks would be an amazing matchup
@WAYNEPiper I hope you were being sarcastic because if you were, BRAVO lol I am a Vikings fan so I naturally hate the Packers. As for me, I feel like the Hawks right now are starting to peak, and that is scary as hell. They are too cocky, and they talk too much, but man are they really starting to punish teams (like the Eagles)
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