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**Spoiler Alert** This Card is about the current Cowboys-Bears game, so if you don't want to know the score, come back when you're ready and discuss! I'm practically biting my fingernails right now, and I don't even have that habit. I have to watch this Dallas game on Game Center live update, and it's making me even more crazy than usual! I'm so excited that the Cowboys are leading at the half. Anyone have any predictions about what's coming next? Assessments of their chances? Will we finally break the 8-8 curse??!!! Please let this be win #9!!! @EightyNine @Goyo @RocketHakeem @ChickenNrice @WAYNEPiper @windycitytale @lackies2000
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@Goyo If I were the Cowboys the last team I would want to see is the Eagles or Packers. I think they can take on the Seahawks or Cardinals. They should definitely want to see whoever makes it out of the NFC South.
The PACKERS. oh no.
You guys are making me so scared now LOL. @Goyo... no one is more cynical than Cowboys fan, and simultaneously the most irrepressibly hopeful. The Eagles are always a weak spot for us, no matter what state we're in @EightyNine. I don't really know what our brain block is with them. I'm not afraid of the Seahawks or Cardinals. The Packers are definitely fearsome. The Falcons make a me a little nervous, but I think we could do it. Right now I think we're showing enough tenacity and resilience to beat almost any of these teams, but I'm most nervous about our mental game with the Eagles, and facing Aaron Rodgers.
@WAYNEPiper I hope you were being sarcastic because if you were, BRAVO lol I am a Vikings fan so I naturally hate the Packers. As for me, I feel like the Hawks right now are starting to peak, and that is scary as hell. They are too cocky, and they talk too much, but man are they really starting to punish teams (like the Eagles)
@Goyo I think the Packers Seahawks would be an amazing matchup