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that's pretty dope
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@steezus your right freebording is for people who want to snowboard and longboarding is the real way to slide. both are fun and both are equally as hard (in their own way)
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I think it's just another fun thing to do on pavement. both have positives and negatives. it's just a different experience. I'd try it. probably would like.it. but I wouldn't give up regular longboarding.
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Don't say its easy until you try it. Snowboarding by itself is hard as all hell. Freebording is probably a lot harder and a lot more dangerous considering you're on pavement. Also are the wheels on a freebord made of the same material as the ones on longboards? Or is it some sort of longer lasting material? Because if they aren't they would probably wear down really quickly.
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I have a freebord and its a hell of a lot harder to learn than longboarding. I can slide a longboard, but i can barely stay on a freebord
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