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Okay, not really. I just find it funny that Ariana and Mariah get compared all the time, and, let's face it, there is a long list of similarities. When we think of Mariah Carey, most Americans think of 1. dolphin noises 2. christmas music. First, Ariana proved that she can effortlessly hit those Mariah high notes (as shown in her cover of Emotion that I included in the card) but now she's promoting a catchy new Christmas track called 'Santa Tell Me.' While it's not the classic song that takes over America every year after Thanksgiving, it's a a sure hit! I included the classic 'I Don't Want a Lot for Christmas' because you just can't talk about modern carols without it, but I also included Ariana covering Mariah's signature hit - any I can't decide which I like more!
first I thought it said dolphin noses and I went to see what her nose looked like, lol
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@caricakes She's actually the one who notified Matthew McConaughey about the galactic wormhole.
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Hahahah dolphin noises. I like to pretend that she's communicating to aliens in their native frequency.
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Well, the song isn't /terrible/ but it's just not Mariah, nor is it the best Christmas song ever!!
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@Heartofgold35 agreed- plus all I want for christmas is you will always be the best christmas song haha @danidee @MyNameIsSimeon I'm now imagining Mariah Carey communicating with aliens with her dolphin nose...
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