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I kinda just showed up here, so I figured I should do this aha. Idk where to start off.. my name is Kreath (like breath but with a k) andd I'm 15. I started longboarding in 7th grade when I got one for Christmas. I had never skated anything in my life before, so it was a new experience haha. My cousin is Caden Castellini, he's sponsored by Braden boards (Rojas precision trucks), hydroflex skateboards, and he might be sponsored for wheels idk. But yeahh he's a badass, he raced in the pikes peak dh race this year, and Angie's curves. He's pretty much my inspiration for longboarding ever since I actually started getting in to longboarding about 9 months ago. I like goofing around obviously lol and yeah. Worst crash was when I either slid on the ground for like 15 feet after I tried doing a slide orrr when I flew onto my back trying to slide going 35 haha. So yeah. That's me!
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Nice full face helmet! Lmao and a pleasure to have you here!
welcome dude! love that hot pockets helmet xD
Diggin the arbor bro. Good to meet you
It's to early in the morning for the death glare in the 4th pic.
Welcome an nice Arbor man!