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I don't know if many of you guys have had experience with Never Summer before but I've really enjoyed this as my very first board. The NS Tyrant DT is very smooth and turns on a dime. Comes stocked with Randall 180 trucks, usually with 75mm 81a hustle NSA wheels, and a nose guard for each end. Just thought I'd show off my baby. Any thoughts or comments on it feel free to shoot 'em.
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@AnimalLover75 that's amazing man
3 years ago·Reply
looks like an awesome board!!
3 years ago·Reply
it's pretty damn good. whenever I first saw it I found it to be a little strange because of how it goes from very narrow to wide.
3 years ago·Reply
i have the NS clutch and i loovve my board! NEVER SUMMER!
3 years ago·Reply
Nice board
3 years ago·Reply