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I've been a fan of Brian Williams (is it weird to be a "fan" of a news anchor?) for a few years - ESPECIALLY since I saw how hilarious he could be on 30 Rock. He's a really sharp guy, great professional newsman, and knows how to let loose and not take himself too seriously. Now, add another thing to that list - World's #1 Dad. Okay, that's an exaggeration - but he really scored so major points for me today when I saw in the news that Williams took a night off from the Nightly News to watch his daughter Allison perform in the premiere of NBC's "Peter Pan Live!" musical. Granted, it's a pretty huge deal, high-profile event (as opposed to a soccer game/dance recital/etc), but I still think it's great to see a story in the news about a high-profile successful working parent who can still share in the big moments of his child. Plus, there's not even a live studio audience allowed, but he watched it live with the family anyway. Way to set priorities and show your pride and love, Brian Williams! The E! Online article had a really cute photo of Allison dressed as Peter Pan when she was little - I included it with the shot from the current show :)
Dad's do this everyday! Cool that he hasn't stopped doing it since he's in the spotlight, though, as I'm sure that can happen
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That's so cute.. Family is so so so important.
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Great points, @happyrock and @danidee. I wondered about sharing it because I do think the everyday choices dads make for their families are the most significant, but I decided that it was nice to have a high-profile example as well.
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I don't think it was an easy choice for him to lay down his beloved career (although it was just for one day). Respect for him.
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