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Down by this winter lake A cigarette and CD Some dripping trees beside me My small frosted exhale, I breathe, The winter lake breeze. Snow slushed feet Absorbing small water beads Invoking some memory Of last winters freeze. Winds and currents work in team The lakes loons leap From their water beams. And when they leave They're taking heed to vocalize the Ice Lake Creed
Snow slushed feet is such a cold (literally, I felt cold) description, but it does so much to put you right into those icky, mushy wet shoes. Great work!
thanks again @greggr :) it was a good prompt and made me pay attention to winter. even though I hate this season so much.
@KaitlynnJanae it's funny that you said you hate this season, because I think the poem borders on hating and loving the weirdness of winter weather in each of your descriptions.