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I just found an article written by Tom Barnes of Music Mic that actually had me laughing out loud. He focused on the top songs on Spotify for 2014 and remarked that our taste in mainstream music has gone from bad to worse. The top track of the year went to Iggy Azalea's Fancy which you can't say you didn't sing along to at least once! Barnes, however, questioned the nation's sanity when it comes to hip hop. "This was the fourth single released from Azalea's New Classic album. All of her previous tries flopped because none of them were good. "Fancy" was also not good." Okay, okay so the lyrics were horrible and the beat was a rip off of an actually good song a few years ago, but at least we react to a good hook, right? Wrong. What we're consuming is not what I would call music, but hits. The lyrics and beats are made specifically to be catchy a viral-able, not to make any real statements or changes to the music industry or social landscape. They're just radio noise. I'm not denying that this song is catchy and fun to sing along to, but to call it music? That's a whole-nother argument. Then we move on to the most streamed artist, and its one of the most controversial mainstream rappers of the hour - Eminem. Who, according to Barnes, "hasn't released a good album since 2002 and yet continues to make headlines for threatening women and just generally being a horrible person." He doesn't even waste his words on Eminem, and I can't say I really blame him. But he does leave us with something to think about. With Spotify opening up the world of music and letting you listen to nearly everything under the sun (except for Taylor Swift) we need to take advantage and start listening to some real music. "There are some incredible artists — many of them on Spotify — making some groundbreaking music. But they're being drowned out by all of the noise. The only way good artists will survive in this climate is if American listeners start supporting musicians with real artistic integrity. That's the only way we'll ever see change in the top-down, status quo system currently governing the industry."
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great points! I could do this for hours!
I wonder how much they made and how much it was compared to their other revenue sources
Nothing wrong with stealing a beat, thats how rap and hip hop started
This is so true!!! I started listening to Kpop because you actually have to be talented to do it haha. Many of their pop artists in Asia can SING THEIR ASS OFF without any tuning or mixing. The problem over there though is that the labels are WAY greedier than over in western music and there have been a lot of lawsuits for unfair treatment in the past year. But nonetheless the artists are AMAZING!!!
Music is doomed