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I am one. Complicated, but not sophisticated, practical, yet full of imagination. Set me loose upon a box of legos, watch me soar. I am one. Sensitive, to a fault, and loving it, knowing my fellow man deeply. Share with me your heart, I implore, I promise to handle with care. I am one. Insecure, but convinced of one thing, One which makes my future sure. Despite the worries of this life, A promise anchors me to truth. I am one. Fragile, pitiful, resilient, full of potential, prone to mistake and bouts with greatness My grave will sing of joy, yes, as my eyes now shine in life. For I am one, poor, insignificant creature, battling demons in a war already won, lifting my blade in the blood red sunset of a deed already done. Yes I am one, I am one, born of dust to which I must return, born of water in which I drown, and of the fire in which I burn. I am one. One whom love has claimed, And then renamed, whom the Potter molds, and then reflames. A blood red coat to seal my white, the cup of grace to calm my night. Captivated, surely I, I am one.
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Wow, thanks @greggr!
3 years ago·Reply
i also love the repetition. its not annoying like a lot of repetition in songs or rhyming peoms. it works just perfectly to keep the the main line flowing throughout the piece and then ending it.
3 years ago·Reply
This is kind of like an introduction poem, no? @MyNameisSimeon What a great idea!!
3 years ago·Reply
Thanks for your feeback! It is indeed an introduction. I don't think I meant it to be when I started, but the first line set the mode and it just went from there. I don't always know my topic, but talking about yourself does seem a great way to join a community. This, however, was merely happenstance in my case.
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very nice intro.. @MyNameisSimeon. giving yourself a reading that shows a side of you that's confidence when others enjoy reading it and tripping upon it at a spur of the moment shows its straight from the depths of who you are.. that's close same place my mind wanders at times ha.. very cool
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