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I had this dream where life appeared to me as an ocean I was drowning Slowly sinking to the dark green bottom with all my thoughts racing and all my heart hopin', I could hold on for some time longer Maybe If I swung my arms and kicked my feet I could rise above and breathe the sweet air but only if I was stronger And smarter, I could sink as fast as I could and push up from the bottom but I don't know how far down it goes Dont want to choke on the water So I struggle trying not to struggle Tossing and turning, Than the green mist around me vanishes and I awake lying in a puddle of sweat And from the depths of my slumber sitting atop my bed I ponder if in my dreams I had met with my old friend death
An thank you to @greggr and @Kaitlynnjanae it's nice to know you guys could feel the vibe I was getting at. I'm such an organized unorganized person an in writing it makes it more of a problem for me to create the initial image of what I want to say.
@KaitlynnJanae I think this was my favorite line, too. @WyattHaste your strength in this piece is in the way that you explain struggles in such a way that none of us has actually physically experienced, but we know exactly what you mean just because of the words you used.
reading this I can easily imagine myself in this position even though I've never experienced it in reality. perfectly descriptive.
@WyattHaste Something about reading your poems makes me read them as monologues, booming voice and all, in my head.
"so I struggle trying not to struggle" so strong and yet so simple. I love this.
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