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Europe's Extremely Large Telescope on track to observe the universe by 2024 http://www.engadget.com/2014/12/04/europe-extremely-large-telescope-construction/?ncid=rss_truncated
@ZhuHao that is incredible! Could you give us more details on the article though? I wanted to read it but its difficult when I have to read this on another site since I'm on my mobile...
@Goyo I'm sorry, but what I can get is from the engadge. Just as what u can find. Meybe I can search sth in the internet 4 u
@ZhuHao I am sorry. I think I didn't explain myself correctly. I meant could you summarize the article rather than us having to click on the link to read the article. I would prefer the summary only bc a) its hard to link through, b) i want to read it and immediately be able to comment with you, and c) would really love to hear your thoughts on this matter