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It’s not all China: Vietnam, Indonesia lead a booming Southeast Asia games market http://venturebeat.com/2014/12/04/its-not-all-china-vietnam-indonesia-lead-a-booming-southeast-asian-games-market/
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The Asians love the games lol
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@MereChrisKang actually people all over the world. it's final competition is from all different places
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@ZhuHao Right but is it as popular in America and Europe as it is in Asia? It seems like in Asia they have stadiums just for e-games but I've never seen it in America outside of those really big competitions where they seem to just rent out a convention center.
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@MereChrisKang Maybe it's more popular in Asia. a great amount of my friends are playing it. video games are popular among the world. just like Xbox and PlayStation as you can see, seals a lot.
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