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I'm not going to lie, I find this video totally creepy. Plus I feel like Lee Hi made Bom's voice so much weaker than I thought it was. Lee Hi just has such a naturally striking voice.
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I'm laughing so hard because I've never actually seen this video and it IS totally creepy. Lee Hi's ax included.
yeah this video made me laugh too. especially with the mints that were shaped like pills. I love Lee hi's voice. :) very soulful
Hahaha what's with the rat??? hahaha I love Bom but I hate this video haha. and she doesn't sound great here
@nenegrint14 I found the rat part to add into the subtle morbid undertones of the video but I agree. Lol it was pretty random
@blackofwhite yea I get that the song can be taken that way, but you kind of don't want to think of sad and morbid things when thinking about Christmas haha