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So I was thinking of expanding my small town side business into something a little bit bigger ! But before I explain that here's a little bit of information regarding my credentials. As you can see above I do custom graphics for boards, I am also an art and graphic design double major. I have also published 2 short graphic novels. I have done 8 custom graphics on boards ranging from leo and satan to adventure time to crazy random shit (eye ball mouth board). So here's my idea! I am willing to open up shop to everyone that would want a custom graphic on there boards :D the deal would be as follows: 100$ per blank board 110$ if I would need to sand of a graphic. You would need to pay for 2 way shipping and only ship the deck Free stress crack repair and overall board maintenance/ restoration. Board turn around unless specified else wise would be 1-2 weeks Again this is just an idea help me feel it out !
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If I were you I'd focus on the board making, not the graphics. Thats where the most money is at, trust me.
That sounds like a good idea but isn't that a little expensive for the graphic? Especially if we are paying for shipping
This website is my phone for fucks sake