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After many years of watching TV couples dance around each other for AGES, tantalizing us and then continuing to keep us guessing, I've been kind of enjoying the more recent trend of letting TV couples getting into significant relationships together. It seems like it used to be thought of as the death of a show to bring the couple together (I don't know if anyone remembers Lois and Clark with Terri Hatcher back in the day. Jumped the shark!). But now, people must be getting more interested in the excitement not just of unrequited love - but also the thrills and sweet moments of a relationship. So which is your favorite TV couple of 2014? Here are some of mine, some from each type (committed or hot-and-cold); 1. Temperance Brennan and Seely Boothe from "Bones." 2. Richard Castle and Kate Beckett from "Castle." 3. Jess Day and Nick Miller from "New Girl" 4. Schmidt and Cece from "New Girl" 5. Mindy Lahiri and Danny Castellano from "The Mindy Project" 6. Emma and Hook from "Once Upon a Time" Which are your favorite TV couples this year?
Jane and Rafael from Jane the Virgin! Love this show!
Jess and Nick get my vote, too but I dn't really watch many of the others
Jess and Nick!!!
Jess and Nick!
Haha! Yeah they might be the cutest :) Maybe not the best lol - but definitely the cutest.