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Hi everyone, I've been planning to do this for a while now, a collection of playlists that is. So here is how this is going to work. I will be creating a 5-10 (Or at least more than 2 is preferred haha XD) song playlist following a certain theme, and then your challenge, if you want to, is to create a 5-10 (or at least more than 2 ;P) song playlist of your own following the same theme. Just remember to tag me in the post so that I can clip it to the collection :) (@MattK95) That way we can all share our playlists, which should be fun!!! :) The only rules would be to respect other peoples tastes in music and to not be rude, this is a community, not somewhere for immature fan wars:) The first theme is love songs <3 (Thanks to @aabxo for sharing her love song playlist giving us our theme, cause I had no idea what to choose XD) I'll post my first playlist shortly :D I've called the collection "The Soundtrack to Life!" @aabxo @honeysoo @jiggzy19 @kpopandkimchi @Aero2042 @danidee @nenegrint14 @sherrysahar @SakuraBlossom96 Oh also remember to follow the collection (If you want to) so you don't miss anyone's playlists ^^
@sherrysahar your welcome, I'm just so glad people actually want to participate in this :)
@nenegrint14 i nvr saw this 2 lol i will post m love song collection soon :) @Mattk95 thanks 4 tagging me.
Yayayayay this is going to be fun!! I'm following your collection for sure! :P
@SakuraBlossom96 hahaha totally XD
@SakuraBlossom96 ok it got a little too late to do one now, so I'll do one tomorrow :)
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