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Everyone has bacteria, but you can minimize germ contact by identifying and sanitizing bacteria-prone areas. Toothbrush Holder When was the last time you run your toothbrush holder in warm water or dish washer? According to The Public Health and Safety Organization, your toothbrush holder collect the most germs in your home. Remind yourself to clean this area weekly to avoid Salmonella and E. coli build up! Toilet Handles The most used system in our home. Agreed? Well, I assume everyone don't wash their hands before flushing the toilet. I mean, it'll be kind of weird if you did. However are you aware that all of the bacteria that may or may not be on your hands ends up on the toilet handle? Therefore, the next time you're cleaning the toile bowl, don't neglect the handle! Door Handle Door knobs are every where unless you're living in the woods. Make sure to clean your door handles once in a while because you may catch Campylobacter. It's a form of bacteria that causes severe diarrhea, fever and cramping. Keyboard I'm guilty for enjoying lunch while working at my desk. What seems like a productive habit is actually a really germy one. If you touch your keyboard every day (like me), it’s going to become a petri dish for bacteria. Solution: rub your keyboard with alcohol! Cell Phone Everyone's favorite device. Don't even try to deny. Unfortunately, it's the most prone for bacteria contact. Think about it: you snap a picture before you eat and you text everywhere. You get the idea. So what do you think? What areas do you think collect the most germ? Feel free to comment and share.
Time to get cleaning, I think. I won't say how many of these I actually think to clean...
Don't forget about the steering wheel! I've seen people eat and drive all the time! Kind of gross but we live a fast-pace culture where we have to take care of our stomach during commute.
Ew! Definitely cleaning my toothbrush holder when I get home!
@nehapatel I won't question. ;)