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According to NFL.com's Ian Rapoport, Bears WR Brandon Marshall may have broken his ribs and he is also getting his spleen checked out. Either ailment would probably end his season and the Bears will be without their All-Pro WR. The Bears are amazingly not eliminated from the playoffs yet but their chances are extremely slim. They would need a lot of dominoes to fall the right way. How would you rate the Bears season? They were pretty hyped in the offseason but have been a major disappointment so far to me.
Bears stunk it up. They need to draft some defensive players
@Goyo At least it seems like the Vikings have their RB and WR (Charles Johnson) of the future. Not sure if Bridgewater is the answer at QB but since they invested a first rounder in him I guess they have no choice but to ride him for 2 seasons or so.
@EightyNine they suck lol they are making progress, especially in the secondary but all in all, they are just plain old bad
Well the Vikes and the Bears have similar records... but you're right the BEars should definitely have had a better season this year. The Vikes are an intereseting team... they either play really hard or just not show up at all.
The NFC North was supposed to be loaded this year. And to a certain extent, it has been but the problem is that the bears have not lived up to expectations. If they had, though, think about this division. Even my Vikes are not that bad... lol