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No one is happy when kids who are used to running around outside get cooped up for too long inside the house. Things get very testy and stressful, the kids are bored and get into trouble, and maybe most importantly, we need to move around to stay healthy! Here are five super fun songs and albums that can help you keep your kids active in the winter and help you stay sane by getting all their wiggles out! 1. "Listen and Move" - follow the directions, then try to match the movements with the changes in the music! Children get exercise, attention/memory practice, and musical pattern recognition. Do it together and have fun with the motions! 2. "Star Jump" by Debbie Doo - this one is probably better for slightly older kids, since the moves are more complex. I find the makeup in the video a little creepy, haha. But I think this one is fun for kids who are interested in dance and choreography. It makes me think of Jem from the 80s! Haha. 3. "The Hokey Pokey" - video by The Learning Station. Everyone loves the Hokey Pokey! 4. "The Chicken Dance" - a classic! Flap your wings and shake your tail! 5. Bonus! 45 minutes to dance it up with "Top 20 Kids Music Songs For Toddlers Dancing and Singing" by HooplaKidz. Kids can learn nursery rhymes while dancing around!
Nothing gets my toddler going like some fun background music!
I would have given a lot of money to have this card a decade or so ago! Thankfuly my kids are out of the wiggles, but I can guarantee that these will work.