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Kelly Slater is one of the greatest surfers of all time. So how does this 42 year old stay in top shape while still getting pummeled by waves? Easy - he eats right. "It wasn’t until my early 20s that I became conscious of what I was eating. I never really drew the correlation between my diet and my health, but as I got older and started traveling and competing, I became really on top of my eating. As a professional athlete, you are always looking for that edge." After losing his father and other friends to cancer, Slater became interested in 'slow medicine,' the prevention of diseases simply by eating the right foods for your body. As he delved further into the health and nutrition world, be became more and more active in organic, high energy foods. "All those situations made me become passionate about my health and longevity and being careful of what I put in my body. I read the ingredient panel of everything I buy. I think it’s hugely important. I can’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to read them." Americans have the lowest fat diets in the world and have the biggest and most obese people. People don’t realize the positive effects of healthy fats on your brain, digestion and joints. Avocados, coconuts, and chia seeds are natural foods. They’re unprocessed and they’re some of the healthiest foods in the world for you! For Kelly Slater, it is all about where the food comes from. He has even visited farms to learn about the local area, the water, but also about the farmers of the product. He has recently partnered with Chia Company which supplies all-natural non-GMO chia seeds all over the world. Kelly Slater has been eating chia for a number of years, but when he began working out with a close he learned the true value of chia. It has all the essential fats (Omega 3) you need and the amino acids. It is now a staple in his diet and the key to his continued success as one of the best surfers in the world.
I'm really interested in nutritional healing/prevention too for a really similar reason. This article really got me thinking.
Isn't he also a vegetarian?