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Hey fellow parents! Ever feel like an a huge jerk toward your friends because you just can't or won't hang out with them anymore? Ever wish you could probably express to them how no matter how much you love, miss and value them, there is just this overpowering, deep desire in all the way to your bones to use your 9pm free time to sit in front of the TV in your pajamas? Ever feel frustrated when you have to keep turning down friend dates that they consistently try to schedule in the middle of naptime, mealtimes, or bedtimes? Well, I'm going to stop right now - because nothing I say to you at this moment will beat this awesome article I just read called "Once We Become Parents We Don't Want to Hang Out With You Anymore (But Not for the Reasons You Think)" by Christine Skoutelas. Usually when there's something I want to share with you I either just try to express it myself or tell you about other great opinions I've found - but just this once, you really just have to read this hilarious, totally true and nail-on-the-head explanation of why we parents become "a**hole" friends once we have our children. Definitely follow the link and read it, then come back and let's discuss and laugh together! Instead of a summary this time, here are some of my favorite quotes: "Turns out kids need to eat, drink, move, sleep and poop. Every damn day of the year. And, for the most part, it really DOES make a difference when and where these events occur. No parent wants to deal with a kid who is dehydrated, has low blood sugar, is exhausted or has sh*t his or her pants." "Yes, we know it's only 8:30 p.m. And, yes, we're TOAST. If we do see you outside of our typical schedule, particularly in the evening hours, take it as a huge compliment. We're still getting up at the ungodly hour we always do the next morning, and are unable to make up that extra energy we are expending for the next 18 years or so." ""Just bring the kids" is an option. But it is one that sucks." "Chores that we used to be able to put off until we felt like doing them now Must. Be. Done. Immediately. If they wait, we fear our house might implode, much like a black hole, from the massive amount of grime and toys and dirty dishes concentrated in one place. " " It's easy to look at our kids and say, "Oh, they don't even look tired!" -- and you'd be right. That's why we're leaving NOW, before they have a total meltdown and lose their sh*t. We can preemptively sense these things, like some animals can sense earthquakes before they register on any seismograph." Check it out and come back! I've love to hear whether and how you've managed to keep your childless friends around after becoming a parent.
this is so true. even if you have a child who is considered really well behaved this holds true. all kids are shit heads. loveable little shit heads who bring terror in joy. I have one really close childless friend now (that's not family) but she has worked with children and has a niece she brings over sometimes.
I am not a parent, but this book sounds interesting. I will for sure look into this when I have time. Thanks!
@KaitlynnJanae it's great that you have a childless friends who can at least understand and empathize!
Hahaha! This article is so spot on! Sad but true. I think parents and their childless friends should all read it! I laughed so many times.... I even spent my precious leisure time on it haha ;)
@iluvdurian31 it's just an article, so it shouldn't take long to read :)