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From a very young age, we have to adapt to fact that we are are part of hierarchic systems. A family is a hierarchic system, and so is a kindergarten class. We must find our position in the pyramid of status. Not always obvious. Some of us broke a precious vase by mistake and found out that it had a higher status than a child... but this is how we learned how it works. If it can break you and be forgiven, it has a higher status than you. If you can temper with it and not be punished, you have the higher status. And this just how it works and for the most part, it costs too much and is too risky, to challenge the status quo so we just accept it. Accept our status and accept the system. And all forms of discrimination and injustice are the emergent results of this process. And if you ever decide to challenge the system, beware most, not of those that their status you challenge, but of those who are most afraid to challenge the system themselves. Those who managed to persuade themselves very strongly that this is how things must be. They are the ones who are most likely to point a gun at you and shoot.