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This is a audio reaction so theres no need to add the video along with it. Those of you who on the 2pm concert giveaway please contact me before Monday with your shipping info! TS Entertainment new Girl Group Sonamoo is amazing! I have high hopes for this group their rap flow is amazing! Follow on Instagram Twitter & Vingle @KpopJunkiesTV
@MattK95 @kpopandkimchi yea that was 1 of the few things I heard when it broke out! I was glad that they decided to wait do this together as a group instead of 1 or more members leaving..shows that they have a strong bond with each other. they are real brothers #ProudBaby
@MattK95 same!!! @kpopandkimchi these girls have so much potential but I feel like they won't get the recognition that they deserve because of everything that's going on with TS some people are already sayin that TS is acting like SM cause of how they debuted Red Velvet during all the drama with EXO smh
I hope that TS entertainment figures everything out and all of their groups are treated properly! These girls have talent that shouldnt be wasted!
Well I'm looking forward to this new group, they have big potential in my mind :)
@KpopJunkiesTV @kpopandkimchi I hope that people don't judge this new group based on their companies mistakes... Oh also I heard something really sweet about B.A.P, apparently they would have sued the company much earlier, but wanted to wait till Zelo was 18 so that they wouldn't have to leave him behind, they didn't want anything to break their group up, which is pretty touching if you ask me :)