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So lately I've felt really weird riding my board. Like I've been getting noodle legs and I've been feeling uneasy when I ride my board. It gets even worse when I pick up a lot of speed. I'm not really sure what it is. Like I get butterflies but they are more like hawks and I get real uneasy. I don't think I'm cut out for downhill. Maybe I just need to learn my slides then I will start feeling better. What do you guys think?
@BradleyLazar thanks man @DakotaFalcon yeah and it sucks cause I can't find anyone to help
@MicahKnopp @RichardSchafer thanks guys that helps a lot same with you @steezus
@EugeneAlcantar I know that with downhill I jumped in too fast but I haven't gotten hurt yet knock on wood but I really want to learn how to slide before I step up my hill game.
@steezus sliding isn't the only way to stop, it's just a lot nicer than by car or pavement.
Although I am older than most of you guys it seems so maybe its my old man bones xD I'd still be stretching though, wish I would've started sooner. I probably wouldn't be this bad off if I had.
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