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"The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your destiny. " --Fabienne Fredrickson Hello. It's been about four weeks since I joined Vingle and thought it would be a terrific idea to introduce myself and fill in the gaps. No doubt, many of you have read my curated cards and clipped away, but that hardly gives a fully developed picture of who I am. I live in (and love) Los Angeles. Any fellow Angelinos among us? I am a fraternal twin. Love pets, though I have none. For as much travel as I've done, I've never been overseas. S.O.S. (!!!) I love writing, chatting, blogging, designing, creating, et al. (Creativity runs in the family.) Never been to Vegas though I am expert at playing Baccarat. (Does an Indiana casino count?) My guilty pleasures consists of following The Royals in the tabloids, consuming cacao, and McDonald's nuggets! (20 pieces for $5) Born in September, the signs are right, I am a stickler for being perfect, and am easily crushed. If you veer towards the sardonic side, you'll understand my funny bone. Thanks to you all for making the communities that I am a part of so awesome by sharing content that is fresh, fun, relevant, exciting, and otherwise noteworthy. What questions do you have for me? What about you? Care to share more of who you are? I'd love to hear and get to know you all more! Cheers! Marshall Edgar
I'm from the central valley in Cali :) I love writing (stories and poems but not essays). I enjoy drawing also. and my guilty pleasures are anime, manga and k/t/c dramas Lol
@marshalledgar you seem like a very interesting guy. I like what you picked for your profile picture. I love meeting new people and sharing thoughts about certain things. I love pets like you but unlike you I have two white pomerians. Many of my friends are in cali. they are the most fun to be with. I got to pay a visit sometime soon. Oh I used to live in vegas but never gambled once in my life. Nice to know you here @blackofwhite you two live close to each other. Jealous!
@marshalledger what a good idea! I should prolly do the same thing. I heard Cali had massive amount of rain few days ago. how did you survive?
@blackofwhite I love the idea of an under ground garden...sounds enchanting.
@sanityscout will do :) @marshalledgar ur depends what you're into but I know theres a special place in Fresno :) an underground garden . Its beautiful
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