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The endearing franchise is back, loaded with humor and sarcasm, it's the best thing that ever happened to gaming
@sanityscout, sorry for the delay but I have been spending time on Elpis trying to restore order to Handsome Jack....Anyway, the game is like this...think of it as a GTA in space. It's an open world, you get to move about to take on specific task of which upon completion, you get rewarded. You can keep a task for later, or not take it up at all...just like GTA. This is an FPS game with an attitude, you meet morons, whack jobs and strangely endearing aliens. It's like taking a walk in the park after downing LSD. You get to float around in zero gravity with a gun in your hand. You also have loads of other weapons at your disposal too, and you can only pick them up as part of the hidden loot you find along the way or buy them off a Coke machine, which in this case only sells guns and ammo. I hope you have's a game best played with two players.
Thanks, @Benard! It sounds like a super interesting game. I think I'll probably try it out.
I haven't played this yet, but dystopian games are right up my alley!! Can you tell me more about what you like about it? Thanks!