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hey guys,,, I actually don‘t know why but i have a feeling that eun suk"jae hee son"is actually ma ru son too ... i have this kind of feelings is that even possible? i hope not cause i don‘t want to see ma ru with jae hee i want him to be with eun gee ,,i really hope my feelings are wrong.
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@sheilaestur yep its gone it was my fav too but it always gone then back again so when its gone i watch epdrama but it always back again kkk
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dramacrazy is pretty up to date!
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MR's son? what a crazy like that... maybe ..if it is is really 'Makjang'(Usually in korea, we say the drama that has ridiculous things like hidden son, loss of memory and unrealistic things like that..)
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ill be glad if you could tel me the new name of kimchidrama, i really,realy love that website @nylamrehs
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@sheilaestur.. it's ..i checked and went to the site but sadly it says 404 error... when she gets online, i'll ask her again for you....^^
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