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Whoo!! More Stickers from @MichaelNieves!! :D
I LOVE THESE DUDE! @MichaelNieves Thank you so much!! I appreciate the epicness man!
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Where did find these?! :D @MichaelNieves
3 years ago·Reply
@filirican I got them at my local longboard shop. I go there literally all the time so I just asked them how many free stickers I can have without seeming greedy. He just took out a huge box of stickers, and told me I can have as many as I can grab with one handful. I got about 70ish stickers. :)
3 years ago·Reply
dude those are sick stickers. i want the hawgs and rolling stones one
3 years ago·Reply
What! Rolling Stones!! right on.. lucky lol
3 years ago·Reply
#RollingStonesFTW @Shulace @KTM2014 lol
3 years ago·Reply