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We didn't get a Christmas tree this year, so I decided to make a miniature tree out of pine cones. This was inspired by Natalie from Elementary Art Fun. Follow along if you want to make one and display it in your room PREPARATION How to use platter: Just mix water and stir in a disposable container and it will dry very quickly! It took about 20 mintues for this project. After that you can decorate. INSTRUCTION First, paint the pine cones green and add glitter. Then mix up a bucket of Plater of Paris and plop a glob for each tree. Then stick the trees in the "snow" platter. To decorate, you can cut old necklaces to make ornaments and glue it with tacky glue.
The cutest pine cone tree! Just what I was looking for this Christmas. I also live in a small space, so this would sit nicely by my window. Although, I already have a mini tree, it won't hurt to add another adorable one! :)
This is very creative! Whenever I see a pine cones, I just kick it like a soccer ball. Never thought using it to make such a pretty decoration! lol
These look so easy and cute. I remember that in a pinecone activity @TheGreenThumb posted, they wrote something about how baking the pinecone at 200 degrees for about an hour is a great way of killing bacteria and prepping it for a project. I think that might be useful for this one too so you can keep using it again year after year! :)
This is a great idea!! Now, to find some pine cones....