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Picture 1 is of my mom/stepdads meal (the yellow potato dish) and there is also my Bisteck Apanado (its a breaded steak, far right dish) and also a banana appetizer thing called "Platano Frito" Picture 2: is my steak. Best fucking piece of meat I've ever eaten, and it isn't like a normal steak because A: it's breaded and B: it's very flat. It's amazing. Picture 3: is the Inca Kola, and it's the best soda ever. It looks like Mountain Dew, and tastes like...almost like butterscotch cream soda. Best soda ever.
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@mpoblete I took a menu and holy jesus that looks good
3 years ago·Reply
Inca cola is so good!!!
3 years ago·Reply
You just made me more hungry than I've ever been...
3 years ago·Reply
The Feast of Champions!
3 years ago·Reply
Nice! My Dad's Colombian so I know what's up with some plátanos y ajiaco! I'm on a road trip now and if I stop at a Latin bakery in philly I'll post it for you!
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