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Picture 1 is of my mom/stepdads meal (the yellow potato dish) and there is also my Bisteck Apanado (its a breaded steak, far right dish) and also a banana appetizer thing called "Platano Frito" Picture 2: is my steak. Best fucking piece of meat I've ever eaten, and it isn't like a normal steak because A: it's breaded and B: it's very flat. It's amazing. Picture 3: is the Inca Kola, and it's the best soda ever. It looks like Mountain Dew, and tastes like...almost like butterscotch cream soda. Best soda ever.
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@mpoblete I took a menu and holy jesus that looks good
Inca cola is so good!!!
You just made me more hungry than I've ever been...
The Feast of Champions!
Nice! My Dad's Colombian so I know what's up with some plátanos y ajiaco! I'm on a road trip now and if I stop at a Latin bakery in philly I'll post it for you!