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My favorite season is coming to an end, but I'm excited for colder weather and the Christmas fever that comes along with the. Are you all ready to pull out the heavy winter gear and shifting towards thicker fabrics and materials? One of the shift I'm seeing towards the end of fall is suede. For those that are unfamiliar with this fabric, it is a leather with a velvety finish. There are also many faux suede pieces out there to choose from. Due to the texture, this material has been increasingly popular this season. How to incorporate this to your fall/winter fashion? 1. You can mix your winter sweaters with a suede skirt and boot. 2. Keep yourself warm with a suede jacket. 3. This is my favorite one - go with a suede dress. How would you style it?
Omg!!! That suede dress on your picture looks fabulous!!! Where can I get that???
I never leaned towards suede because every suede pair of shoes I have owned has been far too easily ruined.