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Ingredients: 1 box chocolate cake mix (plus required eggs, oil) 1 batch buttercream frosting (many recipes listed here) Red food coloring A large round pastry tip and a small star tip Instructions: 1. Bake cupcakes according to box directions. 2. Tint a portion of the buttercream frosting red. Pipe large “blobs” of red frosting onto each cupcake using a large round tip. 3. Pipe white frosting around each hat using a star tip. Also pipe a bit of white frosting at the top of each hat.
I want to show up at the office in July with these so badly! @maymay75 These look like Gnome hats.
Look at that buttercream!!! @AnyaByers that sounds like a great idea!
I want to try these with minis and use strawberries and white icing. so cute
@marshalledgar It does look like Gnome hats now that you mentioned it.
I love it! And it's so easy to make it!
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