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Managing Thick Eyebrows
A few years back I thought it was too bushy and I even consider plucking it, but my mother always held me back. During college, I grew to appreciate my natural thick brows. Every girl on campus wanted brows like Camilla Belle. If you have naturally thick brows here are a few tips I've learned. 1. Keep 'Em In Place - Neat brows awakens your whole complexion, so keep them tidy with brow gel. 2. Pluck Away - Take those pesky stray hair out for a more define brow. 3. Cut It Out - Keep them the shape of your brows by trimming the hairs that stick out. Brush your brows upward to this. 4. Fill in the Gaps - Enhance your brows by making it fuller and fill in those sparse spots. 5. Brush it Out - Just like your hair, your brows needs some combing too.
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I feel like someone has seen my! I'm used to hiding them under bangs, but recently my bangs have become long and sideswept, so I need to trim them up!! Thanks for the tips :)
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I need to trim my eyebrows so badly!!!
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