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I removed the Magura MT2 disc brake and caliper from the front of my bike... being hydraulic and self calibrating - it honestly was a pain. I had to adjust it regularly. I replaced it with an Avid BB7 S Road mechanical disc system. I've put about 100 miles on it since the switch and haven't had to adjust them once. I love these brakes!
Did you find it difficult to change the gears yourself? I wouldn't be sure where to look for instruction on something like that
One of the things that got me into cycling as a kid - and I started riding BMX bikes when I was 8 - then road bikes when I was 15 - was tinkering with them. I've taken apart just about every type of hub, bottom bracket, brake, derailleur, etc... you name it. I've built bikes from the frame up - or as what I'm doing with this Cannondale - I'm changing parts as I decide I want something more efficient for my riding style. Much to Avid/SRAM's credit - these brakes are so easy to install. The instructions are actually useful. LOL. But really - other to make sure I got the calibration correct, I didn't need them. Hydraulics (my rear brake is still a hydraulic) are much more complicated. You have a pressurized/sealed line with mineral oil in it that connects the lever to the brake caliper - this is a pain because all of the cabling for my bike is internal. So... that adds a big layer of complication - an then you need a bleed kit to bleed the air out of the line - etc... So you can get the correct pressure inside. I'm keeping the rear hydraulic for now - they really do have amazing stopping power. But for ease of adjustment and adjustments on the fly, I'm happy to have the cable actuated, mechanical Avid on the front. It has a big knob right on the side that you can turn to adjust the brake pad distance. If the Magura had something like this, I would have kept it.