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just wondering if anyone was still playing Skyrim. I finally had some time to play and achieved my goals: -dragon armor (legendary) -shadowmere -dual glass swords (legendary) it took me forever to get lv100 in smithing though. my only regret is marrying ysolda. I found out later that I had already completed a mission that would make her basically invincible. :[ oh I chose to play as a redguard.
I love Skyrim, its the best game I've ever played.
@patinw vg? and @sanityscout yes. this is very true. there are usually bugs in these kinds of RPGs. it really depends on the platform you game on also. the choices you can make or not make is one of the best reasons to play, at least it is for me. you're welcome :)
@timeturnerjones I guess if you aren't addicted to it than you probably won't be Lol. for me it's one of the games that get me in the zone. I think its worth the play through. I've played multiple accounts and beat all the main story/side missions just to see different outcomes
I haven't gotten to play Skyrim yet, but from what I've heard that's the built in dilemma, in that there is no set path so plenty of room for regrets, haha! It's good to have some preview before I try to play, thanks :)
I am still playing it occasionally, but I mean realllly occasionally. As in, I get on once or twice a month to just have a good time. Is it worth really playing through it all...? I hadn't yet....
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