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Christmas-themed advertisements always pull on my heart strings, and this one is no different. This UPS ad shares the adorable friendship between 4-year-old Carson and UPS driver Ernest Lagasca, who Carson calls "Mr. Ernie." "When Carson was born he couldn't drink milk or anything with a milk protein in it, so they sent formula," the boy's mom, Karen Kight, told KRDO. "Mr. Ernie would deliver quite a few times to our house." Carson loves Mr. Ernie and his truck so much that he has a UPS uniform of his own and has big dreams of becoming a UPS driver. And when Mr. Ernie comes to the door in the ad, Carson practically leaps into his arms. "I could come here three times in week and I'd get the same reaction every single time, all that excitement," Lagasca says in the spot. But in the commercial, Lagasca isn't bringing an ordinary package. As part of the UPS Your Wishes Delivered campaign, he's delivering a child-sized UPS truck to help make Carson's dream come true. "When I drove up, that moment was just amazing," Lagasca told Fox21 News. Check out the video to see some real Christmas cheer!
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This made my day! What a sweetheart!