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I am not promoting any bad vibes over Christmas, but you have to admit these 'Can You Not' Christmas cards are pretty funny! But! Rather than sending these adorable yet, let's face it, pretty mean cards out to your coworkers, annoying cousins, or neighbors, let's think of ways we can keep the holidays a happy time. Remember that the year is coming to an end and how nice it will be to not have any grudges to hold over New Years. Give everyone a fresh start, and try to avoid the people you simply cannot stand. Focus on your happiness and the happiness of those that you love and just hope that Santa gives all those mean people a nice lump of coal :) Happy Christmas season to you all! For more info on holiday stress, check out this card:
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This year I have no one to give this to!! It's been a year filled with good vibes :)
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gingerbread mans face tho xD
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