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I just wanted to share my day with you guys! My girlfriend and mom have been hiding a surprise party from me for over a month... ^ that was the cake one of my friends mom made! Tan Tien in cake form!! It had the exact deck grip design, my pink Paris dropped through trucks and my Yellow Orangatang Stimulus wheels! Along with that, I got to open my early birthday/Christmas gift. Loaded Tesseract. In the pictures you can see the shelves I turned into a rack, and the Tesseract. This was the only board I haven't bought myself so I'm a little surprised I got it! Super stoked day. Ready to check out these Bustin 85a wheels tomorrow. Goodnight everyone!
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@EugeneAlcantar how did it taste? We ended up eating the base because the Tan Tien part was too beautiful. XD
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@NickCongelliere Haha yeah man I see that
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ahhh thats so cool!!!
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oh sweet Jesus your family is amazing!
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Yeah boy! that was a sweet cake dough
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