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I had a lot of trouble putting this together because I like so many love songs! Lol So I just chose 10 random favourites! Ok here it is! ( Sad love songs and happy love songs)!! 1. I Love You - Akdong Musician!! ( this song is so cute!) 2. Delicious - Toheart!! ( I love this MV it's so funny)! 3. Hug Me - Crush ft.Gaeko!! (Only audio for this one!!) 4. What Is Love - EXO-K (Korean ver.)!! ( They all look so young in this MV lol)! 5. Seo Inguk - BOMTANABA (Mellow Spring)!! 6. UNIQ - Falling In Love!! 7. 2NE1 - Falling In Love!! 8. Roy Kim - Love Love Love! 9. Hyolyn - Falling!! 10. 2pm - I Can't!! ( Sorry audio again! I don't know if this song has an MV but I couldn't find it!) I hope you like it!! All credit goes to the owners of these videos! ( I do not own these videos)! @MattK95 <3
loved it.. one I like very much is tears are falling by Wax.
Love Crush ft Gaeko Hug Me
@jiggzy19 thanks a lot 4 sharing i love your collection some i completely love checking out once others like 2pm i can't and uniq falling i can't blv i nvr seen it loved it ♥♥ thanks
You got me from the first song! Love akdong!! and I love that you added crush in there too!
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