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love it!
haha... yup... for gals it's rare..but i'm an exception.. grew up playing cricket with my brothers.. thats why i was a tomboy!
khabi kushi.. i saw how indian loves cricket in that drama/movie..
oh..i am a huge cricket lovers..runs in the blood of indians i guess.. ever since i was a kid..i've seen cricket.. on streets ..everywhere.. it's a religion should see us at home during worldcup.. it's as if we've bet our much excitement!! and so true... god never gives us something we cant handle..
@neaa.. sorry i don't know anything about cricket and crickiters... =( anyways, yeah, no one has the right to question what GOD wanted for us to have and don't have in life.. and as they say, he doesn't give us problems that we can't handle, with all the problems that we face each day, we somehow get through all of them.. and that's thanks to GOD... =)
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