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10 Facts about them. check them out! Which one didn't you knew about them? 1 . Seahorses are fish. 2 . Seahorses are bad swimmers. 3 . Seahorses live around the world. 4 . There are 53 species of seahorses. 5. Seahorses eat nearly constantly. 6 . Many seahorses mate for life. 7 . Male seahorses give birth. (Now this one right here... wow! didn't imaged that!) 8 . Seahorses are experts at camouflage. 9 . Humans use seahorses in many ways. (*Sad) 10 . Seahorses are vulnerable to extinction (NO!) http://marinelife.about.com/od/invertebrates/tp/10-Facts-About-Seahorses.htm I have a thing for SeaHorses. they're beautiful. some of them look like dragons. :)
Wow! They mate for life. :D <3
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what is so cool is the male gives birth.... wishing were true for humans.lol
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I've always loved seahorses! Don't think I've ever seen one this pretty before!
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