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I want them I have heard good things about them.
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What kind of slides do you have to do on this wheel and what kind of speed do you have to be going in order for this to thane ? @steezster
@NickRadis they can thane at any reasonable speed, 10-infinity they will thane. They thane Better in warm weather. These do all slides lol, a slide wheel does everything.
@ApolloSkating yeah they actually have stepped up their longboard game but their employees need work
That's awesome cuz I got power balls recently and I think they aren't making thane is because of my speed and pavement or the type of slide I normally do and I can nail every time which is a toe side push up slide
@NickRadis the toe side push up slide is the only slide I can do 10/10 times. The coleman slide is like 3/10. I think because I'm not going fast enough.