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We've already gone through the break up and the loneliness and the tears. You missed them so much it hurts, but you wonder if they even feel the same. You are alone going through this by yourself and they are out doing things that make it seem as if they never knew you. So now you're angry, and you want to show them what they are missing out on and show them how much you've changed. 11. Ailee- I'll Show You 12. BoA- Did Ya 13. Ailee- Singing Got Better But nothing seems to help, so you just want to erase them from your memory like they seem to have done to you. 14. Hyolin and Jooyoung- Erase After this long process of erasing them and reinventing yourself the pain has gotten a little easier to deal with, you aren't as angry anymore, and you start to accept things and move on. You don't hate them anymore and you want the both of you to move on and have good lives, so that in the future when you meet again you can both be shining stars for the other to admire and pass on in the night. 15. 2ne1- Happy 16. San E- Breakup Dinner 17. Ailee- Goodbye My Love 18. LC9- East of Eden 19. T-Ara- I'm Okay 20. 2PM- Even if You Leave Me @kpopandkimchi @honeysoo @MattK95 @jiggzy19 @aabxo
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