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Glympse Lets You Share Your Location in Real Time
There are so many travel apps nowadays, it is getting much harder to get impressed. Glympse, however, is pretty impressive. This app uses your phone's GPS to update your family or friends of your estimated arrival time...even the speed you are driving. You simply launch the app, send a "glympse" to a contact, and they will be able to see your location and estimated time of arrival. You are able to control who sees each "glympse", which is nice.Not only is this app useful, it can prevent texting-while-driving accidents from happening since you won't need to send out any texts anymore if you are running late. Check it out today and let me know in the comments below what you think! :-) Android: http://bit.ly/1s6qADj iPhone: http://bit.ly/1vYTj0V Windows: http://bit.ly/1tZr5jf
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I think this would be a nightmare for Hispanics lol I always tell people I am just around the corner, but with this... Either way this sounds like a really cool idea