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1. iPhone 6 & iPhone 6+ ( Of course the iPhone had to be on this list. The 6 and 6 Plus have been talked about so much this Fall season...from the releasal to BendGate, and more. It's a great update for iPhone users and frankly, everyone has their eye on it. See how the iPhone 6 stacks up against the Galaxy S5: 2. HTC One M8 ( Many sources claim the M8 is the best android phone to you all agree? It boasts a gorgeous design and metal construction (HTC is known for this). Also good to know that it has an extra rear camera used as a depth sensor. 3. Moto X ( This one has been in the top lists since September. Comparable to the Nexus 5, it runs a clean version of Android so you get updates a lot more quickly.The 5.2 inch display makes this one a borderline phablet. 4. HTC One M8 for Windows ( This phone is the best Windows phone out this season. It has a nice look and feel...and because it is a Windows phone, you will be able to experience Cortana 5. LG G3 ( This LG is a phablet with one of the best displays and is in high demand this season. Worth checking out! 6. Samsung Galaxy S5 ( A great deal in my opinion, the Galaxy S5 has all of the best features for a great price (at least with all the holiday deals that offer it for little to no cost at all). If this phone is offered for free with your carrier, consider it as your next phone. If you check the iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S5 card I mentioned earlier, you will be able to see what I am talking about. 7. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ( Samsung really topped the charts with their latest Note. The screen is beautiful and has a metal frame that makes it feel much sturdier. Perfect for the phablet lovers. 8. Google's Nexus 6 If you want the latest version of Android, this is the phone for you. It came out recently and is one of the most popular phones in demand right now. Learn more about the Nexus 6: