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Hello there! Here is another compilation of top tech items this holiday season that you should consider buying. Tablets make a great gift for anyone in your life. Are there any tablets you would add to this list? Comment below! 1. iPad Air 2 ( The new smaller and lighter iPad Air 2 is a perfect fit for those of you who are constantly on the go. The processor is faster and the camera has been upgraded to 8MP. Prices starts at almost $500 for the 16 GB model. 2. iPad Air ( Save some money and grab the older model of the Air, which is still a pretty good option. The look and feel of both are essentially the same. 3. iPad mini 2 / iPad mini 3 ( / There isn't much that is different about these two tablets besides the added fingerprint sensor on the mini 3 and the gold color option. Processor and retina display is the same, so if you don't care about the sensor or gold option, save $100 bucks and get the mini 2. 4. Google's Nexus 9 ( With a great screen and battery life, the Nexus 9 is the perfect choice for someone who wants the latest version of Android as well as top specs. Prices start at $349 (this was when I last checked Amazon) 5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4'/10.5' ( / Great tablet with crisp and bright screen size. Great option for users who prefer Android. 6. Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 ( Great tablet for Amazon Prime users. Good for reading and entertainment. 7. Toshiba Encore 2 - 8 inch ( / 10 inch These tablets run the full version of Windows 8. Great price as well! 8. Google's Nexus 7 ( Although it is older, the Nexus 7 is still one of the top small tablets you can get with a slim build. sharp screen and great price! ($199) (via Business Insider
@AndyMelendez LOL. I personally want the Nexus 9, how about you?
you lost me at ipad get that fugly device outta here