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It's December again! What better way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year than to share the top pieces of technology with all of you. I will be posting these lists throughout the week. Today we start with wearables. This list is in no particular order, and if you feel there is an important one missing, please share in the comments. 1. Fitbit Charge ( This wearable tracks your steps, floors you've climbed, distance you've traveled, displays incoming txts/messages and more. It's simple yet powerful. Makes a great gift for the athlete in your life. You are able to sync it with Apple Health as well. Check out more about Fitbit and Apple Health here: 2. Jawbone UP 24 ( The Jawbone is a decently priced wearable that allows you to monitor your health and includers an accelerometer to track steps and how many calories you have burned. The latest version released this November has new sensors to measure your temperature, hydration and body composition. 3. Pebble ( The Pebble smartwatch has a great reputation...and a great price compared to other wearables ($99). You are able to view notifications from email, SMS, Caller ID, calendar and your favorite apps on your wrist. 4. Basis Peak ( The Basis Peak is a wearable that is focused on fitness tracking. It has some smartwatch features such as displaying texts, alerts, and phone calls. It is known for accurate heart monitoring and other tracking features. 5. Misfit Shine ( The Misfit Shine is a quarter-sized fitness tracker that you can wear anywhere on your body (though a wristband is included if you want to keep it on your wrist). It is super convenient and is even offered in 10 colors. It monitors your activity and sleep. The tracking includes walking, running, swimming, cycling, soccer, tennis, and more. Priced at $82.99, it also is a pretty affordable wearable to gift this holiday season. 6. Microsoft Band ( The Microsoft Band is another great fitness tracker with 10 different fitness sensors inside. It works with iOS and Android devices as well as Windows Phone users. Check out a card I had shared earlier to learn more about the Band: I hope you find this guide helpful! Check back tomorrow - I will be sharing the top smartphones this season.
@DanWest @TechAtHeart I need to take you guys tech shopping with me sometime!! Hahaha thank youuu so much! :)
Hey, @TechAtHeart... you've got a list of some of the top fitness trackers here on this list. The Fitbit Charge would be at the top of my list, as well. I have a Fitbit One and I love the tracking and interface of thr device, which is duplicated on the Charge. One of the most important things for a wearable fitness device is the usability of a companion app, and Fitbit has one of the best apps....period. You're able to track steps, distance, floors climbed, calories burned, water and calories consumed, and sleep cycle. And, the app is available on both iOS and Android. This device also gives you some smart device functionality by allowing you to receive notifications of calls and messages from your Bluetooth connected smartphone. This device is also water resistant, allowing you to be able to wear it in thr shower, and not submerged. Now, one of the biggest complaints regarding Fitbit Flex (now, the Charge) is the security of the devices clasp. There have been a good percentage of users that state that the clasp comes loose, and others that state they don't have any problems, at all. In early 2015, Fitbit will release the Fitbit Charge HR, adding on a heart rate monitor and an updated,more secure, clasp for about $20 more than the Charge. That will give you some options. The top competitor to thr Fitbit Charge, in my opinion, is the Garmin Vivasport. For about $40 more than the Charge, you will get a device with the same functionality as thr charge, a nice smartphone app, a more secure clasp, and the ability to wear this device while swimming instead of just using it in the shower.
Now that I think about it again, @DanWest would be the perfect person to make some recommendations!
@danidee, Out of these, I would personally gift either the Fitbit or Misfit. Decent price, not too bulky on wrist (especially important if I were to give it to my mom or sis)
Do you have a preference? Which one do you think is the best for the price vs. what it offers?
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